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Eco Sport

Where to Buy

Eco-Sport Sun Protection will soon be available on line and in locations throughout metropolitan Kansas City. You can find it right now at:

Sunflower Dermatology

Briarcliff Professional Plaza
1805 NW Platte Rd., Suite 120
Riverside, MO 64150

Please e-mail us at ecosport@avoidtheburn.com and we'll send you information about purchasing Eco-Sport Sun Protection.

Eco-Sport UPF 40 Sun Protection Shirt. AVOID THE BURN™

Because sunburn smarts, avoid the burn™ - wear an Eco-Sport UPF 40 Sun Protection shirt. These loose fitting athletic shirts feature 100% moisture wicking polyester and are designed specifically to protect your skin from damaging UV rays during any outdoor activity. An alternative to topical sunscreen, Eco-Sport UPF 40 Sun Protection shirts provide 40 times the amount of sunburn protection of a regular shirt.